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Historical Characters Portrayed

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Neruda’s Voice

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Copious Agendas

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From The Beauty of the World, Part I

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Letter to the Editor

A Revolution in Progress

Alternatives to This

Boxing with Sylvia Beach

Why Publish?; We Told You Lies

Fear: The New Passion

The Stain

The First Line Was the Last to be Written

Save the Date



The Walking Stick

Of Shanties and Slavery

The Strangest Story: The Rise, Fall, and Resurrection of Ulysses S. Grant

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At the Galleries

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Looking On

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The News from Poems

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The Place of Rest from All You Have Undergone


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The Case of Meriwether Lewis: Suicide or Slander?

Advice to the Creator; Three Riddles

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Composed a Few Miles North of Los Angeles

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“I am more myself in letters”: Sylvia Plath’s Correspondence

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Two Citizens: The Life and Work of James Wright

My Ever New Delight: The Pleasures of Paradise Lost

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Powell’s Way

Stories from Sinai

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Curious Conjunctions in Berlin

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The Pleasure in the Separate Pieces

The Seekers; Strength to Change; Distance

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The Ekphrastic Poet; Song of the NRA

From “A Child of the Future Perfect”

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Préface en Prose

The Booker and the Shortlist

Roth Returns

Antigone at Colonus; A Word of Acknowledgment; The Moorland Road

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Christmas at Washington’s Crossing

Early Works, Old and New: Handel, Beethoven, Aucoin

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On Simone Martini’s Portrait of Laura


Time Travel; Benedicti


“I who was once the favorite of the gods”

Exquisite Corpses

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