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Powell’s Way

Stories from Sinai

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The Place of Rest from All You Have Undergone

Exquisite Corpses

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The Civil Tongue of Richard Wilbur

At The Public Theater

When You Said That; Self of Steam; What looked like luck



“I who was once the favorite of the gods”

Place of Rest

The Booker and the Shortlist


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Roth Returns


Time Travel; Benedicti

Early Works, Old and New: Handel, Beethoven, Aucoin

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On Simone Martini’s Portrait of Laura

Antigone at Colonus; A Word of Acknowledgment; The Moorland Road

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I’ve Rendered Myself

From “A Child of the Future Perfect”

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Christmas at Washington’s Crossing

February Light; After the Stroke; A Half-Moon in March

Préface en Prose

The Ekphrastic Poet; Song of the NRA

At the Galleries

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Tones of Green

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Associations of Thought

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My Race Sees Me: Three African-American Poets

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Film Chronicle

What Was Postmodern Poetry?


Some Final Words


His Voice

Remember; first snow

Two Windows; Epiphany; Wingbanger

Summer Blockbusters

The Streaming; Dream Interrupted—; S t a r r y N i g h t

The Runner

Shipwreck Is Everywhere

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We Walk Invisible


On Michael Wood on Empson

Friends: Pepys and Evelyn

Bloom’s Falstaff

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Ghosts Walking

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Other Men’s Fields

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The Freedom of Montaigne

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