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Audubon’s Predatory Eye

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Rachel Carson’s Epic

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The Heart of Merrill’s Letters

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Rereading Faulkner

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Elegy and Plenitude in the Wild

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Wendell Berry and Yoknapatawpha

Darwin’s Really Dangerous Idea

Of Shanties and Slavery

Humboldt’s New World Landscape

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“My Dear Eyes”: Nabokov’s Letters to Véra

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Listening to Flannery O’Connor

Hawks, Fens, and Watching Birds

In the Village and Other Stories

Vengeance on a Dumb Brute, Ahab?: An Environmentalist Reading of Moby-Dick

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Living with Local Animals

Frank Kermode’s Magnificent Usefulness

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The Beastliness of My Dog Tulip

Famous Seamus

Bergman’s Unseen Masterpiece

Should We Both Tremble?

Penelope Fitzgerald’s Unknown Fiction

Nothing Will Ever Be the Same

Another Wharton

Eudora Welty and Racism

Justice to Edmund Wilson

Some Refridgerator Talk About Alfred Hitchcock

Pritchett Unselfing Himself

A Completely Determined Human Being

A Few Words about Fred

book review

The Mastery of Michael Sweerts, 1618-1664

Saving the Sumatran Rhino

Scripting the Environment

Ghosts, Shadow Patterns and the Fiction of Penelope Fitzgerald

Thrush Music, Audubon, and the Birds of America

Cynicism and Its Discontents

Nature Does Not Exist for Us

Looking Backward

Reconstructing Henry James

Three Novels and Fifty-Three Short Stories

Frank Tuohy and the Poetics of Depression

A Fine and Private View

Poe, Borges, and the Analytic Detective Story


Desegregating the Syllabus

Politics and the Novel

Characters Invented and Discovered

Nabokov and Nastiness

Invasions of Privacy

Not Waving but Drowning

The Reticence of William Trevor

Story Problems

Ingmar Bergman’s Autobiography in Film

Barbaric Yawps and Breathing Lessons

The Hallucination of Landscape

In the House of Pain

Fiction Chronicle: Anywhere But Here

Nabokov’s Private Eye

Fiction Chronicle: Fables of Identity

Eudora Welty Come from Away

Fiction Chronicle

Nabokov’s Personae

The Generosity of Poor Henry James

Fiction Chronicle

Wellfleet Visions

James Merrill’s Voices

Fiction Chronicle

Fiction Chronicle

Fiction Chronicle

Jane Eyre’s Heirs

Imperial Fictions

Picking up the Pieces

Fiction Moralized

The Way We Live Now

Ishmaels All

Fiction Chronicle

Fiction Chronicle