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The Lyric in Verse and Prose

The Poet of the Counting House

A Cast of Individuals

When the World Gets Weird, We Cry for Sci-Fi (and Fantasy)

Updike Novels

The Old Historicism and the Practical Critic: Reading Logan Reading

Only Connect

Stories for Our Sorrows

Everything Is Aftermath

Epistolary Larkin


The One Story of Robert Graves

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Robert Bly: A Lifetime in Poetry

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“The Last Survivor of the Old Culture”

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Kingsley Amis’ Music

Ottoman Dreams, Balkan Identities

Hand-Held Device

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Digging Up Diderot

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Sex, Death, and the Gods

Darwin’s Really Dangerous Idea

Madison: Not the Musical

How Little Writing Rescues

“I know the bottom, she says”: Sylvia Plath’s Correspondence 2

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Agee, the Movies, and Me

Ducks, Virgins, Snakes and Witches

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Amis as Critic

Neruda’s Voice

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“Some Sang”

Copious Agendas

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International Masters

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“The Muses Taught Me Song Beyond Divine”

Of Shanties and Slavery

“I am more myself in letters”: Sylvia Plath’s Correspondence

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The News from Poems

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The Strangest Story: The Rise, Fall, and Resurrection of Ulysses S. Grant

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The Case of Meriwether Lewis: Suicide or Slander?

Powell’s Way

The Pleasure in the Separate Pieces

The Place of Rest from All You Have Undergone

Two Citizens: The Life and Work of James Wright

Roth Returns

The Civil Tongue of Richard Wilbur

The Booker and the Shortlist

Tones of Green

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My Race Sees Me: Three African-American Poets

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Friends: Pepys and Evelyn

On Michael Wood on Empson

Some Final Words

What Was Postmodern Poetry?

The Freedom of Montaigne

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