Summer 1961 (Volume XIV, No. 2)

KP’s Postcard Album

Interpreter’s House; Proteins, Carbohydrates, and Others

The Day of the Eclipse

The Riders Held Back; In Sleep There Is a Tower; The Redwoods

Return Voyage: 1955; From Richard Hooker; After Analysis

A Leaf on a Great Tree; Naming; Sestina

Unabashed; At the “Number Six” in Chelsea; The Advantage of Trivia; The Atheist; Res Poetica


The First Point of Aries; Maiden with Orb and Planets

To Richard, This Year

Letter from the Classes

Versions from Christian Morgenstern

Versions from Christian Morgenstern

In the Scene of Being

Translations from the Korean

Theatre Chronicle

Ballet and Music Chronicle

Film Chronicle

Something to Say

The Stories of Heinrich von Kleist

Melville’s Clarel

Emily Dickinson’s Bright Orthography

Facilis Ascensus

Very Like a Whale

A Bunch of Plays