Marvin Mudrick

Articles by Marvin Mudrick

The Publicity Hound

Eminent Victorian Goes Too Far West

He Wouldn’t Babysit for Mozart

Better Late Than Never

The Dim Lamp

The King and His Queens

The Age of Innocents

Tall Stories and Short Hairs

One of a Kind

The Public Servant

The Last Great Composer

The Man of Sentiment

The Man of Feeling

String Hoppers and Feary Fathers

The Recording Angel Tunes Out

Murches of the World, Unite! You Have Nothing to Lose But Your Praties!

The Contents of Case No. 794

Tales of Waste and Woe

Prophet and Loss

The Muslims Are Coming! The Muslims Are Coming!

Truth, Justice, and Other Spice for the Immature

A No-Good Self-Righteous Bragging Boasting Chickenshit Character

Solzhenitsyn versus the Last Revolutionary

Life Direct and the Indifferential Calculus

The Unsung Hero

Boswell’s Johnson

Paoli’s Boswell

The Brother of Us All

The Publicity Hound

Love, Careless Love

The Sexiest Man in the World

Bring Me Another Five and Don’t Spare the Duck Sauce

Father Knows Best

Portnoy’s Bachelor Uncle

Issues and Answers; or, If You’ve Tried It Don’t Knock It

I Don’t Care What Mama Don’t Allow

Adorable Ideas and Absent Plenitudes

The Blind Men and the Elephant

The Entertainer

The Ugly Duck

Su Cosa Mi Cosa; or, Busy Busy Busy

Mad Dogs and Anglo Shrinks

Agèd Eagles and Dirty Old Men

Chicken Little and the Two Nose-Jobs

Pushkin in English

Ithyphallic or Ithynot?

The Offending Member

The Emperor of China

The Man in the Machine


Last Tango in Panoply

Boyish Charmer and Last Mad Genius

Old Pros with News from Nowhere

Twenty-Three Stone-Deaf Theologians

The Asp and the Entrails: An Entertainment

Saint-Simon’s Kingdom

Can You Forgive Him?

Here They Are

Fiction and Truth

Bearding Conrad

Paracriticism: Its Cause and Cure

Leavis, Dickens, and the Last Days

Scrupulous Permutations and Occult Resemblances

Rumors of Mighty Victories

The Ogre at the Feast of Life

The End of the World or Else

Political Animals

Must We Burn Mme. de Beauvoir?

Prometheus at Work and Play

Face to Face with Their Own Limits

The Great Lover

Sarraute, Duras, Burroughs, Barthelme, and a Postscript

One Bear Too Many

Mars or Venus?

Evelyn, Get the Horseradish


Writers and Politicians

The Modern and How It Grew

All That Prose

A Farewell to Spring and Paris

Mailer and Styron: Guests of the Establishment

The Holy Family

Man Alive

Colette, Claudine, and Willy

Mencken Redivivus?

The Possibility of Criticism

Colette and Strether

Five Characters in Search of an Author

Something to Say

A Warning to Optimists

Mr. Haggin’s Toscanini

Art for Whose Sake?

The Originality of Conrad

Is Fiction Human?

The Two Voices of Mr. Eliot

The Life of Reason

Chaucer’s Nightingales

The Broken Image of Magnanimity

Genji and the Age of Marvels

Humanity is the Principle

Conrad and the Terms of Modern Criticism

Rugby, Fastidy and a Live Tradition

Not Quite a Renaissance

Chaucer and What We Make of Him