Autumn 1984 (Volume XXXVII, No. 3)

The British in India

Anthony Powell’s Gift

When the Magnitude of the Possible Dawned

The Public Servant

Dancer, Harshly Photographed; The Time Traveler

Fragment; For Peg: A Remnant of Song Still Distantly Sounding; The Oldest Killed Lake in North America

The Tick Is Full

Eastern Standard Time; His Three Women; Parts of Summer Weather

The Night Watch; The Gifted Dreamer; The Dark Side of the Moon; Postcard

Landscape with Three Mountains, by Ho Xuan Huong

Landscape with Three Mountains, trans. by John Balaban

And Give You Peace

From The Abandoned Man

Postmodern Patriarchs

Parental Guidance Suggested

The Generosity of Poor Henry James

The Character as Victim

Fitzgerald’s American Aeneid

Storytelling Verse from Oxford

Poetry Marathon

A Question of Multiple Senses: Anthony C. Yu’s The Journey to the West

China Books

The Limits of Expression

The World Capital and Its Art