Hayden Carruth

Articles by Hayden Carruth

Three Sketches

Notes on Emphysema

The Half-Acre of Millet; In My Grandmother’s Natural Voice: The Cape Cod Blues; Comrade Women—; Burial Rites

Fragments of a Memoir

Five-Thirty A.M.; Flying into St. Louis; Wife Poem; Alteration; The Woodcut on the Cover of Robert Frost’s Complete Poems

Poetry Chronicle

olian; Gods; Opusthirteen

Fragment; For Peg: A Remnant of Song Still Distantly Sounding; The Oldest Killed Lake in North America

Wystan Hugh Auden

Love Poem; A Particular Valentine

The Spirit of Lo lenga d’òc

Two Romantic Pieces



The Question of Poetic Form

The Cowshed Blues; Alba

Our Man in Twit ‘nam

To Live in a Park


Poetry Chronicle


Fallacies of Silence

Five Poetical Abstracts

Here Today: A Poetry Chronicle

On the Decline of Species

I Know, I Remember, but How Can I Help You; The End Again; This Decoration; Too Tenuous; Rimrock; Where It Is

Independence Man

End of the Sixties

Spenser and His Modern Critics

Making It New

Tabula Rasa; For R. M., 26th December; The Wife of Song; For the Ladies, Some Statements Hammered Out; Fifteen Short-Shorts

A Meaning of Robert Lowell

Materials from Life

In Spite of Artifice

Snowstorm, Deep Winter; Odyssey, Book Eleven

People in a Myth

First Books and Others: The Quarter’s Poetry

Observations on Observing

Pursy Windham Lucigen

Among Friends

Mutliple Disguises

Etudes de Plusieurs Paysages de l’Ame

Matisse; Cappadocian Song