Spring 2003 (Volume LVI, No. 1)

The 55th Anniversary Issue

Disappearing Ink: Poetry at the End of Print Culture


Vin Audenaire

Metropolitan Life

The New Darwinism in the Humanities: From Plato to Pinker

Avalon; Sentimental Education, Joan Crawford Was Right; Struggling Times; A Night in the Waste Land

The Excitement; Enlightenment Ghazal; The Football Dream

Where I’m Going; Odd Man Out; Indifference; He put her in a field to grow

In Praise of Fractals; Spring Cleaning; November

Autumn Inaugural; The Heart of the Matter; The Apple Orchard; Being Happy

Small Steps


Three Sketches

Making Chaos Visible

Luck Be a Lady

Music Chronicle

Miscarriages of Justice

Canons and Causes

The Mastery of Michael Sweerts, 1618-1664

Orwell Matters

Sinclair Lewis: The Bard of Discontents

Riots, Earthquakes, and Other Hazards

The Grey Disguise of Years

A Preference for the Primitive: Gombrich’s Legacy