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Emily Grosholz

Articles by Emily Grosholz

The Poetry of Ted Kooser

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Blue; South; What Lyell Wrote about Geology; Surprising Facts about Bees

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Elegy for the Tussey Ridge: Fracking Comes to Central Pennsylvania; What I Forgot, What I Could Not Forget; Abbey Road; While You Lay Sleeping

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Yeats’s Poetics

The Isolated Protagonist

Technical Divination; Why It Is Hard to Get to the Library on Time; Canvassing for Mr. Obama; The Stars of Earth; The Beautiful Game; Kisses

Letter from Denmark

Elegy; The Always Coming On; Two Meditations on Stone; Love’s Shadow; Quarant’anni fa

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Letter from Rome

Mazzaro, Vendler, Freud & Co.

Personages and the Claim of the Heart in Dostoevsky’s The Brothers Karamazov

What a Poet Wants; Ode to the Butterflies; Where I Went and Cannot Come Again; Gratitude; The Choir

Southern Cross: The Beginnings of the Bible Belt; Justice; Morning Delivery of the Times; On Turning Sixty

Letter from St. Petersburg

Letter from Moscow

Painting the Rivers: Travel Books about the Yangtze, Nile and Indus

Echoes of Romanticism: New English Poetry

Candles in the Dark: Émilie du Châtelet and Mary Somerville

From The Songbook of the King

The Songs of Thibaut de Champagne (1201–1253)

The Humanism of Ernst Cassirer

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Compacting Time: Anne Stevenson’s Poems of Memory

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Song, Rain, Snow: Translating the Poetry of Yves Bonnefoy

Kenneth Burke and Shakespeare

Roses; Hourya; On Painting; Equal and Opposite

Tree, Lily, Rose, Grape: Object and Thought in the Work of Farhad Ostovani

Thick on Severn snow the leaves: Housman’s Letters

Masculine Poetics: Works, Days, Cars

Letter from Helsinki

Poetry and Painting: Two Exhibitions in Honor of Yves Bonnefoy

The Uses of Periodicity in English Verse

Flights of Imagination

Jean Starobinski’s History of “Reaction”: The Uses and Dangers of Metaphorical Language

In Praise of Fractals; Spring Cleaning; November

To the Voice of Kathleen Ferrier; The Shoulder; The Farewell; The Edge of the Woods; The Curved Mirror; The Well, by Yves Bonnefoy

Clouds, Sensation and the Infinite in the Poetry of John Keats

Flint and Iron

A New Version of French Modernism

The Abacus of Years; Finitude; Robbie and I Discover Painting

Chiaroscuro; Rondo, Andante; How the Last Tomb Was Opened

Tour of the Flower Depot at Sanary

Love and the Creation of Value

Poetry Chronicle

Where the Sky Used to Be; Anna

Autumn Sonata; Rain or Shine

Two Perspectives on Romanticism

Poetry Chronicle

Hope and Illusion in a Late Age: The Poetics of Yves Bonnefoy

Letter from Toronto

On Spadina Avenue; Dark Tents and Fires; The Hawk; The Trees


Poetry Chronicle: Marriages and Partings

Milosz and the Moral Authority of Poetry


Family Ties

New Renderings

Five Poems for F.D.: Aux Balcons; Dinner in the Courtyard; 97 rue Compans; In the Garden; The Last of the Courtyard

Master-Workers and Others

Angels, Language and the Imagination: A Reconsideration of Rilke’s Poetry

Poetry Chronicle

Galerie Orphée; In the Light of October

Nicolas de Staël

Poetry Chronicle

Mazzaro, Vendler, Freud & Co.

Letter from Germany; The Metaphysicians