Category: Poetry

Amazing Grace; Persephone Says Goodbye


Dear Sister; The Hooves

If the Older I Get the Less I Know

Poem beginning with a line from Paul Monette; Poem beginning with a line from Rilke; Rondeau

On Winning My Second Nobel; December Pavan


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Light in Genoa; Because; Exile

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The Birthday Boy; Salvaged Lines; An Anniversary; The Suicide’s House

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With the Gift of a Feather at Coole Park

Radial Symmetry; Figures; Sevens in the Spring

Nicholas Ferrar at Gidding

Manny’s Farm

The Peach

From Storyflowers

Wallace Stevens in Paris

Irruption; Not for the World

Odysseus on the Island

The Blessed Angela of Foligno on the Wisdom of Love

In Memory of Dick Allen

Goodbye, Again

A Marriage

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Fog After Fire; The Wind

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The Luck of Edward Thomas

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Season of Advent; “The scene in the stable”; The Voice; The Thaw

Just a Joe; Compunction

“In a Sentimental Mood”; Brother Ass; Manual Typewriter; Palms

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Against the Blues; Egret; Bathers

In This Country

From “A Japan Journal”

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The Metamorphosis of the Plants

One Thing I Know About the Dead; Secrets

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The Alibi

On the Screened-In Porch


A Game of Chess; Wounded Knee, South Dakota

The Oscillation of the Waves

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The Underworld

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Pacific Light; The Lover Making Tea

The Conservatory

My Father Returns as a Luna Moth; A Happy Childhood; Blackout Good Friday Night; Elegy of Mixed Feelings

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Somewhere Else Entirely

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A Shadow; A Night’s Work; The Blue

Map of the Lost Empire; Three Drunk Poets

Care, Christmas 2014

Au Musée (Fantin-Latour); In the Orchard

Yahweh the Avenger; Yahweh the Rock; Yahweh the Stork

To the Boy Who Burned a Snowman


Doing the Death We Call Pretty

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