Category: Poetry

Suburban Pastoral; Rejoinder; Anniversary; prayer for the young

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Shadow Messages

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Early; A Glint; The Blue; A Wagon Wheel Beside a Gate; A Winter Landscape; At a Lake; Turtles

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Your blood was no longer on the stone; Maple Tree in Late October Beyond a White Screen

An Accounting of His Life; Magic Bullets: A Meditation on Loss; Quotation Marks: A Bestiary

A Pair of Roseate Spoonbills

Anniversary; The Golden Hour; Keats

Psalm and Lament for Los Angeles

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Car Story; Brown’s Journals; Misty

The Dancing Cranes; That slant of sun; Last Words

The Factory (A Report from Outer Space); Notice from Another Dimension; Hiatus

To Hold from This Day Forward; A Music


Dispatch from the Storm Warning; Dispatch from a Rusted Railroad Spike

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Sestina Minus One; A Buoyant Future for Us All

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Randomly Moving Particles

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It was a very good year; A Wild Regret Appeared!; John Hall’s Remedy; The Wood-Chipper

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The taxidermist at her table

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Sundial Metaphors; Still Life in Marble; Phrase Book for the Subjunctive, Lesson 1

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Just So; Scooter Hero

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Gentians for Carole

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Daybreak; Snakes

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My selves in a wood; Towpath

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Doe; A Poppet; Two Lost Things; Consistori del Gai Saber

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The Queen of the Internet; Ghazal; A Butterfly Without Wings; A Scene of Sorrow While Traveling

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One Cry

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Alternative Facts


Marbles with Nils; Never Know

Archimedes; Since time is a dense substance impossible to alter

Winter Landscape, Probably 1811; Crows at Dusk

And: A Spring Forecast; The Yellow Moth; Remembering Sunflowers

Blue; South; What Lyell Wrote about Geology; Surprising Facts about Bees

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The Hour

The Twin

“Knowing What You Know Now, Would You Choose to Be Born?”; A Meditation, After Rumi; Sacred Moments

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My Eye Found It; Leavetaking

Skyhaven; A Story; Butterfly


Divine Reticence; Grit; Animal Espionage; Cigarettes and Diapers

Last Rites

Dear Sister; The Hooves

If the Older I Get the Less I Know

Poem beginning with a line from Paul Monette; Poem beginning with a line from Rilke; Rondeau

On Winning My Second Nobel; December Pavan

Amazing Grace; Persephone Says Goodbye