Autumn 1981 (Volume XXXIV, No. 3)

The Sunday Morning Wheelbarrow

An Elegy for Vladimir de Pachmann; God Only Knows; Lives of the Great Composers; Photograph of My Mother as a Young Girl; View from the Second Story

The Bewildered Equilibrist: An Essay on Buster Keaton’s Comedy

King of the Mountain; Applying for AFDC; Neurochemist

The Stars and the Moon

Phenomenology of the Curtain Call

The Pure Unknown

Recovering in the Sandwich Islands; Aubade



On a Picture of Echo and Narcissus

Guide in a Glowworm Cave

Cobble Hill; Nightwalk

Edward Hopper

Nicolas de Staël

Film Chronicle: Figs and Thistles

The Year Push Came to Shove

Critics on Poets

Poetry Chronicle: Some Versions of the Pastoral

The Philadelphia Story

A No-Good Self-Righteous Bragging Boasting Chickenshit Character

Fiction Chronicle

The Death of Pierrot

Making Book on the Language