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Film Chronicle: The Bloody British Cinema

Film Chronicle: Dangerous Moves: Three of Them

The Fine Art of Film Adaptation

Movie Within a Movie

Not Yet, Not There

Of Mozart, Proust and Cambodia

Other Countries

Parental Guidance Suggested

Of Mice and Wolves and Hounded Men

Odd Couples Out

Journeys to the Edge

Poetry Chronicle: Some Others and the Irish

Film Chronicle: Dying is Easy

Fearful Adventures and Painful Peregrinations

Film Chronicle: Personal Best, Three Levels

Film Chronicle: Some Day in Tahiti

Poetry Chronicle: The Experts

Africa Addio

Film Chronicle: Figs and Thistles

Poetry Chronicle: The Light Is Dark Enough

One Hell of a Life

Film Chronicle: Molière, Australia, and These United States

No One Said It Would Be Easy

Film Chronicle: The Bloody British Cinema

Film Chronicle: Trash and Poetry

From Ken-Speckle to a Pig in a Poke

Poetry Chronicle: First, Second and Third Person—Singular

Declarations of Waugh

The Grotesque in Some Recent Films

The Death, the Lullaby, the Glory

Much Madness: Werner Herzog and Contemporary German Cinema

Disenchanted Fictions

Poetry Chronicle

The Late Lamenting Wyndham Lewis

Nobody Lives Here Any More

From Munch to Monkeys, Scandinavia to Spain

The Body of Man

On Looking into Several Homers

Sappho to Smith

Polo Was Invented by Chinese Women

The Friends of Graham Greene

Fool, Thou Poet

Bad Company in Two Languages

Fat Shakespeare, Fat City, Lean Wilderness

Nature and Vision: or Dubious Antithesis

The Emperor’s New Prose

Hands Across the Sea

Film: Natural and Unnatural History

Lines Written in Rouen

Signor Petri and Monsieur Chabrol: It’s Murder

Something Like a Theocracy

Man, His Gaoler

October Thoughts

Reflections on Two American Films

Cinema Borealis

Films from Hungary and Brazil

Film Chronicle: Notes on the Compulsive Revolution

Socialist Camp: A Style of Radical Wistfulness

War Games: Work in Progress

The Fine Art of Name-Dropping

Letter to the Editor

New Films: Children and Fools

I’ve Been Reading These Film Critics

London Film Chronicle: Variation on a Personal Theme

Poetry, Politics and Pornography

The International Film

Letter to the Editor

Somewhat Less than a World

Three Film-Makers Revisit Themselves

The Verge and After: Film by 1966

Films from the Perimeter

Some Obiter Dicta on Recent French Films

The Italian Film: Left Hand, Right Hand

One Man’s Film Festival

Films to Confirm the Poets

Kinds of Loving in the International Film

Of Night, Fire and Water

European Film Notebook

Film Chronicle

Two Panoramas of Film Art

A Condemned Man Escapes

Letter from ‘Scandinavia’

International Film Scene

Love, Death, and the “Foreign” Film—1957

Kiss the Hand You Cannot Sever

La Strada: Cinematic Intersections

Umberto D.: De Sica’s “Super”-naturalism

The Japanese Film

The History of Miss Julie

Adventures in Film-Watching

Tradition and Mr. Leavis’ Talent

Hell on Earth: Six Versions

Joseph Conrad: Outline for a Reconsideration

Five Novels, Three Sexes and Death