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Yahweh the Avenger; Yahweh the Rock; Yahweh the Stork

Daphne du Maurier: Back to Manderley Again

A Shadow; A Night’s Work; The Blue

Map of the Lost Empire; Three Drunk Poets

Care, Christmas 2014

Au Musée (Fantin-Latour); In the Orchard

The Tulips

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International Masters

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Chymical; Tübingen, January; Tenebrae

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Off the Face of the Earth

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Letter from Campania

Copious Agendas

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Doing the Death We Call Pretty

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String Quartets: Concepts and Concerts

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Reviving Romances: Carousel and My Fair Lady on Broadway

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Robbins at 100

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“The Muses Taught Me Song Beyond Divine”

Edgar Allan Poe Dines at Thomas Jefferson’s Home; The White Piano

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Historical Characters Portrayed

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From The Beauty of the World, Part I

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To the Boy Who Burned a Snowman

“Some Sang”

Amis as Critic


Neruda’s Voice

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Letter to the Editor

Why Publish?; We Told You Lies

A Revolution in Progress

Fear: The New Passion


Alternatives to This

Boxing with Sylvia Beach


Save the Date

The Stain

The Walking Stick

Of Shanties and Slavery

The First Line Was the Last to be Written

My Ever New Delight: The Pleasures of Paradise Lost

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The Case of Meriwether Lewis: Suicide or Slander?

The Place of Rest from All You Have Undergone

The Pleasure in the Separate Pieces

Powell’s Way

Curious Conjunctions in Berlin

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Two Citizens: The Life and Work of James Wright

At the Galleries

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The News from Poems

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The Strangest Story: The Rise, Fall, and Resurrection of Ulysses S. Grant

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“I am more myself in letters”: Sylvia Plath’s Correspondence

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Looking On

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