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Music for a Time of Crisis: Livestreaming in a Global Pandemic

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“Sacra la scelta”: At the Verdi Altar in Parma

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Questions of Identity: The Fall Theater Season

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How They Chanced It

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Blood and Gore

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Death Eye

And: A Spring Forecast; The Yellow Moth; Remembering Sunflowers

Winter Landscape, Probably 1811; Crows at Dusk

Mutatis Mutandis

My Eye Found It; Leavetaking

Wendell Berry and Yoknapatawpha

The Twin

Reflections of a Dinosaur

A Summer of Music Festivals

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The Hour

Memorable Correspondents: The Kenner/Davenport Letters


Kierkegaard’s Leap

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“Knowing What You Know Now, Would You Choose to Be Born?”; A Meditation, After Rumi; Sacred Moments

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Coleridge the Trailblazer


An Epic Amusement


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From Vienna to Leningrad


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Tootsie, Then and Now

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Divine Reticence; Grit; Animal Espionage; Cigarettes and Diapers

Skyhaven; A Story; Butterfly

Blue Monotone

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Oatmeal Raisin Cookies and the Jewish Problem

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Blue; South; What Lyell Wrote about Geology; Surprising Facts about Bees

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Randall Jarrell and Adrienne Rich: A Found Guide to Mutual Appreciation

Last Rites

A Season of Sculpture

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If the Older I Get the Less I Know

Poem beginning with a line from Paul Monette; Poem beginning with a line from Rilke; Rondeau


An Appreciation: W. S. Merwin, 1927–2019

Amazing Grace; Persephone Says Goodbye

Low-Budget Pleasures

Dear Sister; The Hooves

On Winning My Second Nobel; December Pavan

Letter to the Editor: Plath’s Dante in “Mary Ventura”

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When the World Gets Weird, We Cry for Sci-Fi (and Fantasy)

The Continental Divide

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The Poet of the Counting House

Among the Barbarians: V. S. Naipaul and His Critics

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The Lyric in Verse and Prose

Light in Genoa; Because; Exile

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Updike Novels