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If the Older I Get the Less I Know

On Winning My Second Nobel; December Pavan

Low-Budget Pleasures

An Appreciation: W. S. Merwin, 1927–2019

Amazing Grace; Persephone Says Goodbye


Poem beginning with a line from Paul Monette; Poem beginning with a line from Rilke; Rondeau

Dear Sister; The Hooves

When the World Gets Weird, We Cry for Sci-Fi (and Fantasy)

The Final Reflections of Malcolm Melville, His Father’s Son

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A Cast of Individuals


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Updike Novels

The Birthday Boy; Salvaged Lines; An Anniversary; The Suicide’s House

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At the Galleries

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The Poet of the Counting House

The Lyric in Verse and Prose

The Continental Divide

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A Brief History of the Huron

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Retelling Fidelio: David Lang’s Prisoner of the State

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Among the Barbarians: V. S. Naipaul and His Critics

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Light in Genoa; Because; Exile

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Letter to the Editor: Plath’s Dante in “Mary Ventura”

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Irruption; Not for the World

The Peach

With the Gift of a Feather at Coole Park

Wallace Stevens in Paris

Radial Symmetry; Figures; Sevens in the Spring

Manny’s Farm

From Storyflowers

Nicholas Ferrar at Gidding

Stories for Our Sorrows

The Art of Programming

Odysseus on the Island

Fog After Fire; The Wind

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A Marriage

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Interpreting Horror: Jordan Peele’s Us


In Memory of Dick Allen

Only Connect

The Old Historicism and the Practical Critic: Reading Logan Reading

The Blessed Angela of Foligno on the Wisdom of Love

Everything Is Aftermath

Goodbye, Again

Epistolary Larkin

At the Galleries

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The Luck of Edward Thomas

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Winter Tonic

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Siegfried’s Bloodline

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