Autumn 1987 (Volume XL, No. 3)

Letter from Kobe


Wrist; The Night Wind: Charles Burchfield; Pumpkin; Mail Delivery by Moonlight; Faithless Moon

Notes on the New Formalism

The Poetry of Ted Hughes

Space Burial; For the Piano Tuner

The Squirrel’s Heartbeat: Some Thoughts on the Later Style of Henry James

From Death and the Miser; The Sleepwalkers; Head of Sorrow, Head of Thought

Another Autumn

Sunday at the Lodi Gardens

Clytemnestra at the Palace Wall

Off Naxos

A Letter to Cambridge


Dance Chronicle: Putting a Little Orange in Their Life

Film Chronicle: Viet Nam Revisited

Theatre Chronicle: Our Middle-Aged Avant-Garde

Santayana’s Legacy

Bisexual Shakespeare?

Fiction Chronicle: Post-Colonial Fiction: Our Custom Is Different

Only Connect! Guy Davenport in the Modern World

The Power of the Text

Poetry Chronicle: Shrinkages and Expansions

What’s My Line? A Poetry Chronicle