Dick Allen

Articles by Dick Allen

What’s to Become of Us?; Doghouse; November Wishes

Ten years, fifteen years; “You have too much investment”; “There’s more to this than this”; As Han-shan observed; “Everything,” the Zen Master Said

Meditation on Poems of the Nine Monks; Chinese Writing; A Zen Sonnet; The Last Ditch; What You Have to Get Over

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Humble Pie; Sleepy Old Towns; “And All Shall Be Well; And All Shall Be Well; And All Manner of Thing Shall Be Well”

A Cautionary; “The Country Is, as Yesterday, Beautiful in the Extreme”

Poem for Li, in Her White Bridal Dress

Here It Is, Here We Are

The Cove; Letter to Ye Feng, His Student Now in Iowa

Bad, Better, Best

Signs of How We Must Seek

Letter from a Connecticut Country House; Talking with Poets; On the New Haven Line

Storytellers and Mystics

A Longing to Breathe Free

Poetry Chronicle: Shrinkages and Expansions

Why Is It Always the Way It Is; Motion Which Disestablishes Orgazines Everything; Forerunners; The Time Rate of Change; Loving People; Ah; Slights of Sight; Fall’s End

Ammons, A.R.: Inclinations

Adirondack Town: An Idyll; The Postmaster; Crows and Windmills

Fire Burning in the Rain