Summer 2000 (Volume LIII, No. 2)

What Happened in Copenhagen?: A Physicist’s View

Colette: The Literary Marianne

A Pilgrimage to Santayana

Buddy in the Hen House

The Dhow’s Gaze: Some Thoughts on Postcolonial Studies

A New Mode of Damnation?: On Hart Crane

On First Looking into Lattimore’s Homer

From The Serpent at Heaven’s Gate, by Henrik Nordbrandt

From The Serpents at Heaven’s Gate, trans. by Robin Fulton

A Wound in Common

Poem for Li, in Her White Bridal Dress

Settling Up; Knowing What We Know; Women of “A Certain Age”

River; In the Dream

Two Photographs

After Cavafy, by Bogomil Gjuzel

After Cavafy, trans. By P. H. Liotta


After Song

No Sol in California

Forms of Worship

The Two August Wilsons

Getting Straight

Ordinary People

Sister Nobody

Visas Not Required

Coetzee’s Postmodern Animals

Their Gang

The Gospel According to Mr. B.