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National Theatre Live


The Edinburgh Festival

Stanislavski in America

Problems with Shaw


Theatre of the Absurd

Actors as Readers


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The Ueber-Marionette


Marlowe and Shakespeare


Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?: A Memoir

Simon as Timon


Two Hamlets

Charismatic Figures

Scene Design

The Berliner Ensemble

Star Vehicles

“Somewhere Else First”

Playing Chekhov

Spatial Aesthetics

Kabuki Goes Hollywood

Shavian Dark Comedy

Beckett at 100

A National Treasure

International Theatre

An American Lear

Americans on the British Stage

The RSC Restored

Clifford Odets

The Demon Within

Inner Conflict

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Beyond a Reasonable Doubt


Middle-Aged Playwrights

War Fever

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Southern Decadence

Ibsen Triumphant


New York Hot Versus LA Cool

Miscarriages of Justice

The Stoppard Trilogy

Real-Life Figures

Free Association

Ruth Draper

Shakespearean Iconography


Death in the Mall

Mathematical Proof

Suit the Action to the Word

The Almeida Theatre

The Two August Wilsons

Serban vs. Schreiber

Shakespeare’s Globe

Theatre in London

Williams and Miller on Broadway

O’Neill Our Contemporary

The Social Problem Play

Ireland Your Ireland

Wilde Times

Crisis in the American Theatre

The Globe Restored

Feminist Theatre

California Theatre: Four New Plays and a Revival

Hiroshima et l’amour

Historic Theatres

The Other Stratford

Forty-Second Street

Freudian Drama

Cross-Gender Casting

LA’s 99-Seat Theatre

Mathematical Drama

Aging Actresses

The Guthrie Theater

Remembering Joe Papp: “A Whim of Iron”

New Plays in Louisville

Albee and Pinter

Shakespeare in Oregon

Regional Theatre Comes of Age

English Versus American Acting

Dramatizing AIDS

The London Theatre

Musicals Revived

Historical Drama

Death of a Musical Comedy

Theatre in Southern California

Broadway Economics

Ayckbourn in New York

Performing the Classics

The Stratford Festival, Ontario, Canada

The Blind Leading the Blind

The Actors Theatre of Louisville

Political Drama

The London Theatre

Interracial Casting

Minority Theatre

Avant-Garde Follies

Shakes versus Shav in Canada

New Life on Broadway

Shakespeare in New York

The Decline of the American Musical Comedy

Theatre Chronicle: The London Theatre

Theatre Chronicle: Our Middle-Aged Avant-Garde

Theatre Chronicle: Theatre in Washington, D.C.

Theatre Chronicle: Theatre Companies in New York

Theatre Chronicle: The London Theatre, Summer 1986

Theatre Chronicle: Role Playing, Self Reference, and Openness

Theatre Chronicle: Shavian Dark Comedy