Spring 1990 (Volume XLIII, No. 1)

1989 and All That

Living Through the Earthquake in Santa Cruz

Dreaming and Storytelling


New Headstones at the Shelby Springs Confederate Cemetery; My Father’s Corpse; Hunting with My Brother; Gauguin: The Yellow Christ; Botticelli: The Cestello Annunciation

Alcott’s Axe

olian; Gods; Opusthirteen

January Thaw; Black Wednesday with Ashes

Hearing through Light: The Thaw on Slack’s Pond

Wilder Brain Collection, Cornell University

Subjects; In the Alley

The Guiana Connection

The First Big Hit


The Ducks

Starting as Weather-Lore

The Gatekeeper

Sexual Politics, European Style and the American Way

Music Chronicle

Political Drama

Swimming Tanks and Floating Helmuts

The Accurate Poem

Various Pairs

Why the Novel Still Matters

The Voyage of Mael Duin

Service, Not Power: Leonard Woolf Revisited