John Holloway

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Lighten Our Darkness

It Takes Time; The Dying God


Starting as Weather-Lore

Deserving Princess

The Hermit Gets to the Heart of It; Remember; An Old Master; Non-Event

Sleeping and Waking; Sunbathing Talk; Singing Is Believing

Speaking, Telling, Knowing

A Mirror

Pool Place

Rain-Giant; Flagstone

The Lion Hunt

A Perpetual Showing

A Letter from the Argolid

The Telephones; Aubade for a City

The Poetry of Edwin Muir

A Letter from India

Six Sonnets from “The Gates of Janus”

I Had Not Known Death Had Undone So Many

Notes on the “School of Anger”

Wyndham Lewis: The Massacre and the Innocents

New Lines in English Poetry

The Life and Adventures of Heroic Mr. Clubman

The Well-Filled Dish: An Analysis of Swift’s Satire

Enacted on a Distant Isle

The Petty Testament of Peter the Clerk; Sestina

Can You Play Chess Without the Queen?

The Critical Intimidation

After Two Years; Poem for Deep Winter

The “New Philosophy of Language” in England