Winter 1983 (Volume XXXV, No. 4)

Bennett Award Acceptance Speech, 1982

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Impulse and Virtue in Jane Austen: Sense and Sensibility in Two Centuries

Coming of Age on the Harlem

Sushi/Sashimi; Departing Buffalo; Sunlight

Pictures of My Father

Sleeping and Waking; Sunbathing Talk; Singing Is Believing

Poem in Search of Its Subject: In the Garden at Midnight; Local Color

Looking at a Painting of Constantinople by Paul Signac

The Cricket, by Krassin Himmirsky

The Cricket, trans. by Denise Levertov

The Contents of Case No. 794

Practical Gardener

Hunting; A Christian Childhood


After Cendrars

Helen in Bed

Music in Its Time and Place

Tales of Love and Sake

Adolph Gottlieb

Sage Lives

H.D. and D.H.

The Happy Genius of His Household

Poetry Chronicle

Them or Us

Fearful Adventures and Painful Peregrinations