Marcia B. Siegel

Articles by Marcia B. Siegel

Dancing Past the Body

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Shadow of a Spectre

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A Momentary Communion

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Curating Their Lives

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How They Chanced It

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Winter Tonic

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Tricks and Troupers

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Ghosts Walking

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If We Could Fly

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Choreographing Inclusion

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A New American

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Master of Masks

Stoking the Flames

The Russes at 101

Curators at Work

Mountain of Sparks

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Old Ballet/New Ballet

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Remodeling the Repertory

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Was . . . and Is

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Where You Find It

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Converging Channels

Surrounding Chaos

Re-inscribing the Past


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Minimalism and Its Contents

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A Newly Old Giselle

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Heroic Aftermaths

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Prince of Lightness: Merce Cunningham (1919-2009)

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Uptown Moves

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Singular Lives, Converging Narratives

Lessons from the Road

Prince of Lightness: Merce Cunningham (1919–2009)

The Epoch Continues

Busby Berkeley and the Projected Stage

Tudor’s Turn

Enigma in the Middle

Dodging the Footprints

Pomo Retro Rite

Revolutionaries Revisited

Dancing on the Outside

News from the Edges


A Century in Brief

200 Years of Geniality

Making Chaos Visible

Dancing in the Dust

Nijinsky in Translation

In Twyla’s Company

Urban Anthropology

Kingdom of the Sweet

Multicut—The Show

Matriarchal Mysteries

Survival Skills

Revivals as Forgeries

Giving Evolution a Nudge

Ancestral Passages

The People Spoke


Hoping for Eternal Spring

Both Doors Open


Shadows Past and Future

Strangers in the Palace

Changing the Guards

Free Standing Structures

Myths for Moderns

Dance Chronicle: Putting a Little Orange in Their Life

Brat Ballerina and the Forces of Evil: A Romance

Dance Chronicle: Coming onto the City

Dance Chronicle: Acrobatics of God

Dance Chronicle: Carabosse in a Cocktail Dress

Kabuki for Beginners

Thirty Years in Eden’s Dustbin

Repertory in Spite of Itself


Postmodern Patriarchs


George Balanchine, 1904-1983

Success Without Labels

Tales of Love and Sake

Vanguard Meets the Mainstream

The Year Push Came to Shove

Artisans of Space

Shades of a Kingdom

A Most Unmelancholy Dane

Tropics of Minimalism

Notes from a Japan Diary

Panov: The Making of a Myth

The Cake with the Stripper Inside

Dreaming a World

The Flimsy Vault

Pop Turns Pale

Growing Old in the Land of the Young

Rudiments of a Literature

Madness at La Mancha

One Thousand Roses

Siegfried’s Revenge

The New Romantics

Modern Dance Now

The Candid Art of Time

Dancing in the Trees and Over the Roofs