Spring 1998 (Volume LI, No. 1)

The 50th Anniversary Issue

George Washington, An Amateur’s View

From the Outside In: A History of American Autobiography

Ecology and Ecstasy on Interstate 80

Learning from Robert Fitzgerald

Hat Check Noir

An Unsheltered Island

The Half-Acre of Millet; In My Grandmother’s Natural Voice: The Cape Cod Blues; Comrade Women—; Burial Rites

My Dead Lover; Unsaid

The Abacus of Years; Finitude; Robbie and I Discover Painting

NEAR Travels Far to Find Eros; Snow; The Ice Child

Long-Distance Vision

Cycle; Epistle I; Epistle II

Skinnydipping with William Wordsworth

After; There Is; The Moon Through the Trees; My Eastern Friend

In Transit; Acrostic from Aegina; Untitled

Nero in Love; Two Ways; A Shearling Coat; Foursome; The Night-Watchman’s Daughter; State of the Art; A Walk with Bash_

The Vineyard Above the Sea; Fonte Gaia; July on the High Plain

Crisis in the American Theatre

American Art: The Center and the Edge

Doing More Work than Most Ten Men

Dangerous Liaisons, or Sex, Lies and Burlesque

Classical Music and the Tourist Factor

Early Music in Boston

Urban Anthropology

Classic Chandler

Double Talk, Double Dutch, Dutch Chocolate

Looking Backward

Fwame Wesistant Suits

Subdividing Parnassus

The Game of Taste