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The Summer’s Best Fiction, Hands Down

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Two Shy of a Baker’s Dozen

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Portals Between Worlds: Recent Sci-Fi and Fantasy and Vintage Octavia Butler

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(Pandemic) Prison Reading: Eight Novels to Pass the Time

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Letter from Sri Lanka

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When the World Gets Weird, We Cry for Sci-Fi (and Fantasy)

Ducks, Virgins, Snakes and Witches

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The Case of Meriwether Lewis: Suicide or Slander?

Some Final Words

Watery Narratives

Five Writers Reckoning

Death and Immortality

Getting a Life: Recent American Memoirs

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Letter from Delhi

Gladys Schmitt: Hardly “Middlebrow”

On the Tennessee (Williams) Trail

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Letter from Italy

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Dogs and Letters

Caves, Masks, and Code Switching: The Inventive Narratives of Junot Díaz

A Box of Books

Charles Dickens: The Show (But-Don’t-Tell) Man

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The Matrix of Time

Women Writers of a Certain Age

Consequences and Possibilities

Two Mothers, Two Memoirs

Irascible Man

Jim Crace’s Violent Verities

Spin-Soothing Tales

Textual Pleasures and Pet Peeves

Swimming Lessons

Captives of Their Imagination: Salem in 1692

America the Innocent

Misandry in the Classroom

Maximalist Fiction

Sexy Wits

Victorian Voyages and Other Mind Trips

Ideology and Its Discontents

From the Outside In: A History of American Autobiography

Mammarian Musings

Days of Whine and Posers

Southern Classics

Two-Part Harmony

Flannery O’Connor Resurrected

Unconventional Victorian

Obscure Romantics and Uneasy Victorians

After the Defense