Spring 2001 (Volume LIV, No. 1)

Letter from Norway: It’s Good to Be the King

Sister Carrie at 101

History; A Tree in Childhood, Long Since Taken Down; Benediction in Spring; The House on the Hill


The Death of a Psychic; On the Passing of Jesus Freaks from the College Classroom; Two Scenes

The Melting Continent

What Is Human Time?


Didn’t He Ramble; “Absolute Reality Is the Only Foundation”; Almost Paradise

The Adventures of Saul Bellow

Trespass: How It Begins; Junco Flying at a Window; A Photograph


Essence of Lavendar


Homemade Power and Light

Hot and Cold, or Seasons Change

Mathematical Proof

Archival Abstraction

The Oscar Wilde Industry

Ghosts, Shadow Patterns and the Fiction of Penelope Fitzgerald

Not Responsible for Items Forgotten or Lost

Misandry in the Classroom

They Also Serve

Simpson’s Villon

Lines Brief and Bountiful