Bruce Bawer

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Bloom’s Falstaff

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The Single Artificer

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Words, No Music

Life Itself

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A Modern Man

Poets and Their Letters

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The Flâneur, the Chemist, and the Chairman


In Memoriam: Thomas M. Disch

“An Impersonal Passion”: Thornton Wilder

Early Maxwell

The Way of All Flesh

Didion’s Dreamwork

In the Shadow of the Gulag: Tony Judt’s Europe

Civilized Pleasures

Crisis in Europe

Solid Gold

Hating America

A Plague of Poets

Nordic Novels

Mendacity and the Magisterium

Metropolitan Life

Civilization and V.S. Naipaul

Religious Atheist: The Case of Allen Tate

Edward W. Said, Intellectual

The Long Proustian Shelf

Borne Ceaselessly into the Past

Letter from Norway: It’s Good to Be the King

Simpson’s Villon

What Is Truth?

The Faith of E. L. Doctorow

Ordinary People

John Updike, Wordsmith

André Gide, Evangelist

Reading at Risk to Ourselves: The Novels of Matthew Stadler

Time’s Up


The Game of Taste

Millennial Bookbag

In Our Beginnings

The Good Soldier

Politics, the Media, James Fallows, and Me

God on the Bestseller List

Violated by Ideas: Reflections on Literature in an Age of Identity Politics

Family Values

Helen Vendler, Poetry Critic

A Letter to Cambridge