Winter 2001 (Volume LIII, No. 4)

How Yale Strangles Literature

Aborigine in the Citadel

The Freelance Demolitionist

Words; Elegy with Surrealist Proverbs as Refrain; The End of the World; A California Requiem; The Bargain; Accomplice; The Lost Garden

Notes on Emphysema

The Collectors

A Monorhyme for the Shower; Farewell to the Mentors; “Live Happily”; Out of Time; To the Persian Poets

Clouds, Sensation and the Infinite in the Poetry of John Keats

Goethe’s Perpetual Puberty

Poetry Chronicle

The Poem, Oussonsur-Loire; Place Dauphine

Developing the Land

A Figure on the Beach


Suit the Action to the Word

The Future of Museums: The Guggenheim, MoMA, and the Tate Modern

Of Virgin Suicide, Human Bondage, and Male Indulgence

Mr. Barzun and the Decky-Dance

A Crucifix for Dracula: Wendell Berry Meets Edward O. Wilson

Modern American Poetry and the Hopper of Civilization

What Is Truth?

Communities Perhaps