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Against Representation: Ralph Vaughan Williams and the Erotics of Art

Philip Glass, Maximalist?

Ecocriticism at Twenty-five

How We Became So Beautiful and Bright: Deep History and Evolutionary Anthropology

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Groping for Groups

How We Became So Beautiful and So Bright: Deep History and Evolutionary Anthropology

How we Became So Beautiful and Bright: Deep History and Evolutionary Anthropology

Michael Phelps, Domenico Scarlatti, and Scott Ross

Collecting Science: Sokal, Dawkins, and McKibben

Pinker and Johnson on Human Nature

J.S. Bach in the Twenty-First Century: The Chapel Becomes a Larder

Michael Pollan’s Ecology of Food

Daniel Dennett and the Brick Wall of Consciousness

Back to Bacteria: Richard Dawkins’ Fabulous Bestiary

Overcoming the Oversoul: Emerson’s Evolutionary Existentialism

The New Darwinism in the Humanities: Back to Nature, Again

The New Darwinism in the Humanities: From Plato to Pinker

Toscanini, Then and Now

A Crucifix for Dracula: Wendell Berry Meets Edward O. Wilson

Coetzee’s Postmodern Animals

Eternity Now! Wayne Booth as Musical Amateur

Peter Conrad, Modernist Rhetor

Wrestling with Heidegger

David Gelernter, Aesthetic Misfit?

Ecology and Ecstasy on Interstate 80

Humanities Beleaguered

The Mindless Cunning of Dreams

Telling Stories About the Bartrams

My Science Wars

Andrew Ross, Democritus Junior, and the Curse of Postmodernism

Reason or Volksgeist?

Postmodern Ecologizing: Circumference Without a Center

O, Paglia Mia!

Cracked Thinking

Himmelfarb, Mill, and the Dodges of Liberty

Scholarship as Opera: Foucault’s Woodnotes Wilde

Aesthetic Subversions

Scholarship, Politics, and the MLA

Deconstructing Literary History

Genius or Fudge? The Clouded Alembics of Magister Poe

Ecology and Ideology

Ford Madox Ford Unmuddled?

The Demons of Deconstruction

Myths and Mishegaas: Robert Graves and Laura Riding

Stephen Toulmin’s Postmodernism

Sylvia Plath, Hunger Artist

Service, Not Power: Leonard Woolf Revisited

Anthony Storr: Redrawing the Circle of Illness and Health

Holroyd/Strachey/Shaw: Art and Archives in Literary Biography

Nervous Reproachments

The Lives and Deaths of Charlotte Brontë: A Case of Literary Politics

Qu-est-ce que c’est qu’un Man of Letters?

Leonard Woolf and His Virgins