Summer 2003 (Volume LVI, No. 2)

Letter from Provence

Before I read Clarissa I Was Nobody: Aspirational Reading and Samuel Richardson’s Great Novel

Mendacity and the Magisterium

Summer’s Lease

Proverbs of Hell


Carpe Diem; Cry Me a River

Power Outage; A Knife

Famous Last Words

Tony’s Sharpening

Madame de Pompadour: Eminence Without Honor

The New Darwinism in the Humanities: Back to Nature, Again

First Time; Winter Memory, Miami; Field Guide

In the Parking Lot of the Muffler Shop; Harmonics

Frost on the Fields

Cold Front

For Those Who Are Not There Yet and May Never Be

To Some of My Books’ Former Owners

New York Hot Versus LA Cool

The Employment of Time

Music Chronicle

A Life on the Page

book review

Captives of Their Imagination: Salem in 1692

A Day Late and a Dollar Short

Max Beerbohm: Spectator Sport