Tess Lewis

Articles by Tess Lewis

The Art of Betrayal: Translation in an Age of Suspicion

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Translator’s note: On Karl-Markus Gauß

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Translator’s note: On Maja Haderlap’s distant transit

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Places Lost and Found

Mystifying Enlightenment: The Fiction of David Albahari

César Aira’s Magical Surrealism

Angelic Disorder

Death and the Writer

Childhood Regained: Gregor von Rezzori’s Autobiographical Fiction

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Phantasmagoria of French Fiction

“The Progress of Irony” and “The Sense That Everything Is Going Wrong”

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Gravity and Grace: The Letters of Penelope Fitzgerald

Literary History as Kaffeeklatsch

Fred Wander: Scheherazade of the Shoah

Literature As Resistance

A Cool Head and a Hard Heart: Irène Némirovsky’s Fiction

The Captive Soul: Vasily Grossman’s Life and Fate

Søren Kierkegaard: Master of Refraction

Letter from Vienna

Adam Zagajewski: The Wry Metaphysician

Truth and Consequences: The Writings of Sybille Bedford

Madame de Pompadour: Eminence Without Honor

Once Is Not Enough: Rereading and Remembering

Iris Murdoch: The Imagined Life

A Drop of Bitterness: Andersen’s Fairy Tales

Madame de Staël: The Inveterate Idealist

Goethe’s Perpetual Puberty

Music Was the Food of Love: So Was Architecture, Painting and Verse

Bolton’s World

The Heroes We Deserve

Sparks of Virgil’s Flame

Undone by Doubt

Defending Children against Fairy Tales

Delusions of Mediocrity