Autumn 1999 (Volume LII, No. 3)

The Wordsworth Retrospective

Cléante to Elmire; 1969


André Gide, Evangelist

Against a Certain Kind of Ardency; Just a Smack at Larkin


Music Was the Food of Love: So Was Architecture, Painting and Verse

Potala; Jade Mountain

Watching You Read

A Fallen Angel

Santayana Today

When the Ecstatic Body Grips

Odysseus Old; The Upper Room


The Lighters


Prayer to Venus, by Horace

Prayer to Venus, trans. by Craig Watson

Portraiture: Public and Private Lives

Matisse and Picasso in Fort Worth

The Happiness of Your Friends and Neighbors

Theatre in London

International Festival: Bergen, Norway

Nijinsky in Translation

Matisse Revealed

Fiction Chronicle

Dark Night of the Brilliant Talker

Poetry Chronicle

Sexy Wits

Peter Conrad, Modernist Rhetor