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Skyscrapers, D.L.S., How I Missed Seeing Judy Garland

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Light and Dark

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Famous Last Words

The Snow Queen

O Lost!

Lines Brief and Bountiful

Utterly Unlike


I Remember, I Remember

Poetry from Good to Bad to Verse

Letter to My Mother; Trashed

Assessing the New Formalism, So-Called

Poems, Mostly Personal, Some Historical, Many Unnecessary

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Spinach Days

Five Women and One Man

And Then Do Something Else

Making Sense of What Takes Place

Baltimore & Ohio R.R.

Fiction Chronicle

Scouting Days; Walnuts; A Little Elegy for Howard Moss; Avant-Garde Music Comes to America: Ghost Story

Queen Anne’s Lace

Poetry Chronicle: Some Versions of the Pastoral

Once; Snap. Crackle. Pop; Vertical & Horizontal; Running on Empty

The Stone Crab: A Love Poem; Decks; Burchfield’s World; Soft and Hard

Children of Old Booger