John Loughery

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Cast Ashore: Minor Lives Among Minor Lives

Canons and Causes

Appetite: Surfeit and Wonder

Sexual Violence: Baroque to Surrealist


The Romantic Impulse

Early Chagall, Late Gehry

The Example of Alfred Stieglitz

Archival Abstraction

The Future of Museums: The Guggenheim, MoMA, and the Tate Modern

Ever at the Crossroads

Forms of Worship


The Portraits of Ingres

Portraiture: Public and Private Lives

The Hard Subjects

Rothko or Pollock?

Urban Drama

Sex Survey

Subject Matter in Modern Art

American Art: The Center and the Edge

The Public Domain

The Telling Detail

Approaches to the Sacred

Bits and Pieces

The Flag: Waving, Burning, Provoking

Woman as Other

Abstract Visions/Metropolitan Lives

The Real Thing

American Treasures: Whistler, Stettheimer, Scully

Just Deserts

Redefining an Art Form

Faded Glory

The Great Dare

Uncharted Paths

Reality Check

Representative Men

The Big Picture

Of Patrons and Painters


The Guggenheim Returns

Bearing Witness

Minor Masters, Neglected Giants

History, Identity, and Other Big Questions

The Fate of the Avant-Garde

Diminishing Returns: Malevich to Salle

Titian, Tanner, and the Remade SoHo

Glasnost Hopes, MoMA Failures

The Emperor, His Clothes & His Critics

Early Moderns: Benton, Marin, Spencer