Bert Cardullo

Articles by Bert Cardullo

Falling in and out of Love, Again

Reality Bites

Back to the Future, or the Vanguard Meets the Rearguard

Broken Artists

In Search of Lost Time

Filial Longing

Domesticated Violence

Lost in Transition

An Afghan Is a Woman

War and Love

The Violence of the Christ

Love Story, or Coppola vs. Coppola

Friday Night and Sunday Morning

God Is Love

Art and Matter

Shoot the Piano Player

The Employment of Time

Luck Be a Lady

Aberdeen on the Adriatic

Faith, Sickness, Mystery

The Space of Time, the Sound of Silence

Still Life

Homeward Bound

Women and Children First

All About My, Your, Their Mother

The Children Are Watching Us

Hot and Cold, or Seasons Change

Of Virgin Suicide, Human Bondage, and Male Indulgence

Stones and Roses

Getting Straight

Angels Beyond America

Mirror Images, or Children of Paradise

The Happiness of Your Friends and Neighbors

Suicide is Painless

Blood, Snow and Tears

Medium Cool

High Infidelity

Life and Nothing But

Dangerous Liaisons, or Sex, Lies and Burlesque

A Single Girl, a Man Alone

Secrets and Lies

Wooden Allen, or Artificial Exteriors

Road Fever

Lands of the Free

A Girl and Two Women

Smoke and Tearsn

Bread and Poetry

Family Affairs

Spanish and American

Mirabile visu et dictu

Schindler’s Miss

The Servant

Rubies in Paradise

Men at Work


Forbidden Games

The Comfort of Strangers

Ethics and Aesthetics

Love Without Pity


Law of the Jungle

The Wake of War

Loney People, Living in the World

Rites of Passage

Lovers and Other Strangers

Saint Cinema

Old Glory

Sexual Politics, European Style and the American Way

Black and White, in Color

Close Encounters of a Devilish Kind

Boys’ Life

Divided Passions


Artists as Children

Three Ways to Play House

In Praise of British Cinema

Film Chronicle: Working Girls, Playful Boys

Film Chronicle: Viet Nam Revisited

Film Chronicle: Sid, Nancy, and Thérèse