Winter 1988 (Volume XL, No. 4)

Letter from Venice

Cities of Light

Windows: From Rousseau to Baudelaire, by Jean Starobinski

Windows: From Rousseau to Baudelaire, trans. by Richard Pevear

Ramblers and Spinners

The History of a Little Girls’ Game


The Hereafter; Green Inside the Door: A Memory; Bewilderments of the Eye; Fruit; Worlds

January 1, 1987; In This Dark Pool, Our Marriage Bed; Two or Three Dreams of Spring

Refrigerator Queen; Particulates

1959; An Actual Wife

These Streets

To Helen

A Visitor

Boy Crazy


In Afternoon Light; Apparition

Theatre Chronicle: The London Theatre

Film Chronicle: Working Girls, Playful Boys

Film Chronicle: Personae

Fiction Chronicle: Serious Comedy

Fiction Chronicle: Nothing Pretentious about Life and Art

Poetry Chronicle: Collisions in Poetry

Monroe Spears and the Judgment of Character

On the Shoulders of Emile Mâle