Louis Simpson

Articles by Louis Simpson

Chamber Music; Nevertheless; Piano Rolls

The Caprichos

An Impasse; Beatrice; The Discovery of Silence; Mr. and Mrs. Yeats

Kingdom, Power and Glory

Avalon; Sentimental Education, Joan Crawford Was Right; Struggling Times; A Night in the Waste Land

Only the Inaccessible Flowers: Poetry and Prose of Philippe Jaccottet


The Vertical and Horizontal of Love

The Old Woman Regretting the Time of Her Youth, or Lament of the Beautiful Helmet Maker; Ballade: The Beautiful Helmet Maker to the Daughters of Joy by François Villon

Nero in Love; Two Ways; A Shearling Coat; Foursome; The Night-Watchman’s Daughter; State of the Art; A Walk with Bash_

The Further Off from England

The Blue Coast; “He’s asleep”; Out on the Island; Country Doctor; When Rosalind Was a Child; The Children’s Choir

Soldier’s Heart

All Sorts of Things; In Country Houses; In the Twilight

These Sounds and This Movement, by Valery Larbaud

Waterloo, the Story of an Obsession

The Iverson Boy

In Transit

August; The Believer; Berkeley in the Sixties; Patsy; Her Weekend in the Country; Stairs; Suddenly; West End Avenue

The Vigil

Love in the West and Other Memoirs

The Associate

Swimming Tanks and Floating Helmuts

Villa Selene

The Poet’s Theme

The Magic Carpet

A Visitor

Publishing Days; His Funny Valentine

The Flaubert Pavilion; The Naturalist and the Volcano

Disorder and Escape in the Fiction of V.S. Naipaul

Physical Universe; How to Live on Long Island

The Previous Tenant

In a Time of Peace


The Marriage of Pocahontas

Poetry Chronicle

The Troika

Matters of Tact

Important and Unimportant Poems

The Riders Held Back; In Sleep There Is a Tower; The Redwoods

Canadian Lights, Flashes and Fizzles

A Garland for the Muse

Rehabilitations of an Angel

In the Absence of Yeats

The Runner

The Ancient Pistol of the Romantics

The Bird; Orpheus in America

Poets in Isolation

Fiction Chronicle


American Preludes; West

Good News of Death