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My Other Life; Solstice in Age; Trees Full of Prayers; The Way It Is

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Flanagan’s Tasmania

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Lord Byron—Seven Takes

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Frederick Morgan Poetry Contest 2023

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The Example of Seamus Heaney

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Kafka Agonistes

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Edmund Keeley’s Poems of Age

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The Eros of Shirley Hazzard

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Auden’s Abundance

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Shipmates; An Ancient Story

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The Mythic Readings of Roberto Calasso

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Concord and the Transcendentalists

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War and Imagination

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Lawrence Rising

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Crossing the Line; Western Light; Biographia Literaria

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Epiphany, 1937

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The Priorities of Robert Frost

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Homage to Tom Stoppard

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The Perils of Fame: Sylvia Plath and Seamus Heaney

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Robert Stone and American Wreckage

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Two Poet-Critics

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The Durable Art of Elizabeth Bishop

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Kierkegaard’s Leap

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The Birthday Boy; Salvaged Lines; An Anniversary; The Suicide’s House

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A Cast of Individuals

The One Story of Robert Graves

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A Being in Time: On the Poetry of Frederick Morgan

Digging Up Diderot

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Pacific Light; The Lover Making Tea

Neruda’s Voice

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The Civil Tongue of Richard Wilbur

The Freedom of Montaigne

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The Glowing

Man of Action, Man of Letters

Mrs. Mason and the Poets

Anthologizing Magnitude

Youth in Age, Age in Youth

Against Identity

Awe for Auden

The Sound; Bildungsroman

Merrill’s Intimations

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Ariel and Co.

The Fame of Derek Walcott

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Letter from Tasmania

Levels of Ambition

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W. S. Merwin, American Proteus

The Insert; Tree Light House

The Unseeable, Unsayable World


When I Didn’t Get the News; Let It Go

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When I Didn’t Get the News; Let It Go

The Dark Delight of Ambrose Bierce

Dying to Write Poetry

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When I Didn’t Get the News; Let It Go


Robert Burns’s Inspired Clay

Five Poets

In Memoriam: Hayden Carruth (1921–2008)

The Wounded Laureate

Translations from the Unborn; Memo from Above; A Kiss of Frost; A Sort of Oracle

The Long and the Short of Robinson

The Poetry Circus

Out Here; The Summit; The Strait; In the Mushroom Summer

The Inner Drama of James Wright

Reinventing the Greeks

The Passionate Pursuit of the Real

Ludlow: A Verse Novel

Seven Poets

Close to Seferis

The End of Immortality

The Dream of Travel

Small Steps

Stories and Lines

Reading Greece

Letter from Turkey

Mumbai Ghazal; A Beggar of Chennai; Towers of Silence

In Praise of Artifice

Modern American Poetry and the Hopper of Civilization

The Dhow’s Gaze: Some Thoughts on Postcolonial Studies

Swimmers on the Shore; Solstice; Ballade at 3 A.M.

Varieties of Poetic Experience

The Lotos-Eaters

In Transit; Acrostic from Aegina; Untitled

Subdividing Parnassus

Poems from Greece

Letter from Greece

Irish Poetry at the Crossroads

Poetry Chronicle

The Poetry of Life and the Life of Poetry

Louis Simpson’s Singular Charm

The Country I Remember: A Narrative

Auden Onstage

The Escape; The Summer of Love; No One Had Told Us

West Indian Discoveries

Milton’s Fame in Heaven

Poetry Chronicle

Mythical Histories

Anne Sexton and Her Times

Fiction Chronicle

Poetry Chronicle

Achilles in the No Man’s Land