John Haines

Articles by John Haines

Poetry Chronicle

It Could Happen Again

Poetry Chronicle

NEAR Travels Far to Find Eros; Snow; The Ice Child

Poetry Chronicle

Pawnee Dust; The Way West; Evening Change; I Will Tell You How It Was in My Country; Procession

Poetry Chronicle

The Ancestors; Rodin: The Gates of Hell; Clouds at 30,000 Feet

Somewhat Less Than Holy

Hotel Laundromat

Age of Bronze; Tondo of Hell; Night

In and Out of the Loop

In the Sleep of Reason; A Guide to the Asian Museums; The Poem without Meaning

Formal Objections

From Death and the Miser; The Sleepwalkers; Head of Sorrow, Head of Thought

In the Middle of America; A Poem Like a Grenade; The Pitcher of Milk; The Cloud Factory; Man and Woman in the Sunset; Choosing a Stone; In Nature; The Elements; Instructions to a Sentry; Terminal Images

On Banner Dome; Stones; The Poem Without Meaning; A Dream of Disasters; Woman

The Battlefield; Stampede; Poem of the Forgotten; The Waterhole; Dead Horse Gulch; The Snow Lions; To Turn Back; After the Firestorm; Winter News; Poem for a Cold Journey; To Fall Asleep; The Escape