Charles Tomlinson

Articles by Charles Tomlinson

January Sonnet

Vessel; Morning Moon; Buzzards; Apples; The Upstate Freeze

Above the City; A View from the Shore; Sky-Writing; A Fragment from Mexico

In the Valley; Newark Park: An Upward Glance; Waiting for John

The Vineyard Above the Sea; Fonte Gaia; July on the High Plain

Journey; Directions; The Tree House; Gibbet

For a Granddaughter; To My Daughter; Transaction at Mallards Pike; Autumn; On the Late Plane

Bennett Award Acceptance Speech, 1992

Upstate; Blaubeuren; Response to Hopkins; Picking Mushrooms by Moonlight; Looking Down

Siena in Sixty Eight; Paris in Sixty Nine; In a Cambridge Garden; At Hanratty’s

Lives and Works

The Garden; For a Godchild; A Ruskinian Fable Retold; Courtesy; Chance; Chronochromie; Harvest; Letter to Uehata

Pines; The Butterflies; Far Point; Parking Lot; The Santa Fe Railroad; The Cycle

The Return; In the Borghese Gardens; Fountain

At the Trade Center; In Verdi Square; All Afternoon; Byzantium

History of a Malady; Above Manhattan; Dunnett Landing

The Flood; Severnside; In the Estuary; The Epilogue

Dove sta memoria: In Italy

Georgia O’Keeffe: A Late Greeting

In the Balance; Below Tintern; Embassy; The Metamorphosis; The Scar

The Roe Deer; Providence; Rhymes; The Faring; The Gap; At Dawn

Prose Poem; Lines Written in the Euganean Hills; Images of Perfection; Departure; Death in Venice

Hill Walk; Discrepancies; The Greeting; Melody; The Witnesses

Rower; Le Rendez-vous des Paysages; La Promenade de Protée; Hawks

Swimming Chenango Lake; The View

Eight Translations from Octavio Paz

Idaho Then and Now

Translations from Lucio Piccolo

Seven Mexican Poems

Scrutiny Ten Years After

Versions from Antonio Machado

The Barometer; The Chestnut Avenue: at Alton House

Versions from Fyodor Tyutchev

Flame; The Gorge

Northern Spring; The Atlantic; Farewell to Van Gogh; Cézanne at Aix