Charles W. Millard

Articles by Charles W. Millard

The Gardens of Kyoto in Summer

Julio González

Jackson Pollack

Adolph Gottlieb

Arshile Gorky

Edward Hopper

American Landscape Painting, 1850-1875

Picasso Brujo

Marsden Hartley


Baziotes and Rothko

The Later Monet

The Matisse Cut-Outs

American Style and Quality

Hans Hofmann

Morris Louis


Toward the Liberation of Color

Anthony Caro

Photography’s Problems

Jules Olitski

The Reclining Figure and the Development of Modern Sculpture

Winslow Homer

Adams, Weston, Bullock

The Kandinsky Paradox

Brancusi and the Neo-Classical Tradition


Cézanne’s Progress

Varieties of Cubism

Jack Bush

Paul Klee

Matisse in Paris

Edgar Degas

The New Boston: City Hall

David Smith

Dada, Surrealism, and the Academy of the Avant-Garde

The New Boston: Government Center

On the Non-Relational in Painting

Lincoln Center

Modernist Architectural Space

Some Thoughts on American Painting

The Great Grey Whitney

The Guggenheim Museum Revisited