Summer 1968 (Volume XXI, No. 2)

Letter to the Editor

Letter to the Editor

Letter to the Editor

Letter to the Editor

Poetry Modern and Unmodern

Three Laotian Tales

After the Dinner; Shabby Imperial Dreams

Window Poems

Crossing Half a River; Searching in the Britannia Tavern; In the Open Season; Nine Charms Against the Hunter; Weather Report

The Bicycle Odyssey; Empty Places in the Cold; Inside the Face

Looking Both Ways Before Crossing

11 Rue Daguerre; A Private Reason; Radiometers in the Rue Jacob

Empty vessel? Looks like it; Deciphered in an Etruscan Tomb


Long Pond Summer

Toward the Quintessential Burke

Theatre Chronicle

On the Non-Relational in Painting

I’ve Been Reading These Film Critics

Music and Ballet Chronicle

Fiction and Fabulation

Fiction Chronicle

Flaubert, or the Priority of Art

By and About Joyce

Prometheus at Work and Play

Making It New

The Sage of Stanford