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Letter to the Editor

A Clearing

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Sabbaths 2010

A Place in Time: Some Chapters of a Telling Story

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A Desirable Woman

The Great Subject

Local Knowledge in the Age of Information

The Hurt Man

Sabbaths, 2000

Sabbaths, 1999

The Farm


An Argument for Diversity

Writer and Region

The Record; A Difference

Standing by Words

The River Bridged and Forgot; Another Descent; Ronsard’s Lament for the Cutting of the Forest of Gastine

A Circle of Poems

The Clearing

The Specialization of Poetry

The Strangers; Leaving Home

The Country of Marriage; Zero; Her First Calf; The Old Elm by the River; Some of the Parts; Breaking; Poem

The Unforeseen Wilderness

A Secular Pilgrimage

Song in a Year of Catastrophe; The Current; A Standing Ground; The Slopes of Waban

A Native Hill

Window Poems

The Return