Winter 1980 (Volume XXXII, No. 4)


Meditation on Play, Thoughts on Death

The Approach of Snow

Driving Into Enid; More Trouble With the Obvious; Do Not Dump Dead Animals; Walking the Baby to the Liquor Store

Yankee Poet

Recalling the Horseman Billy Farrell from an Airplane in Vermont; For Don C., Against a Proverb

Fall Colors; Pacific Beach; Laguna Beach: The Settlement


Love Poem; A Particular Valentine

How Many Lovers Had Virginia Woolf?

Music Chronicle

Fiction Chronicle

Conradically Speaking

Imperial Fictions

Facts and Fictions of Life

The Brother of Us All

The Gospel Proffer

The Piranesi Effect: Alone and Well in Prison

No One Said It Would Be Easy

Bennett Award Acceptance Speech, 1980

Standing by Words

In Our Beds of Doubt or Certainty

Daughters of Passion

Wordless Winter

The Empire of the Senses; The Constellation; In Memoriam: J.B.


Film Chronicle: The Bloody British Cinema

The Publicity Hound

These Days in the Holocene

Ghosts on a Gold Mountain

Mazzaro, Vendler, Freud & Co.

Blackmur’s Last Song

Poetry Chronicle

For Better or Worse: The Year’s Verse