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2022; Suppose I were an unremarkable

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Like Grant Took Richmond; Orange Order Fair, 1952

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Irruption; Not for the World

Just a Joe; Compunction

Care, Christmas 2014

Cold and Clear

Floaters and Flashers

Machu Picchu; Older Age; Spilled Milk

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Metaphor; Home; Pariah

The Nightmares You Knew; Anglo-Saxon Dirge

Idiot Moon

Cooking by Waters: An Anti-Elegy; Another Breakup

Country Home Suite

Seams Sew Easy

Evening Walk as the School Year Starts

Rodney Fallen: A Parable

Notes of Quaint Reader

Yoked Together; Ballad

Reasons to Hate Poetry

After Valentine’s

To Use and Transform: Recent Poetry of Charles Tomlinson

Subjects; In the Alley

Burning the Christmas Tree


Reaching Over; At Hardscrabble: Face to the Moon

Recalling the Horseman Billy Farrell from an Airplane in Vermont; For Don C., Against a Proverb

To Our Son

To the Summer Sweethearts