Bruce Whiteman

Articles by Bruce Whiteman

“One Day It Was Just No Longer There”

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Achilles Hath the Mighty Hector Slain

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Goofy, Like All Genuine Poets

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“And I a Dot”

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Fit for Nothing but Literature

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Never Expected! Always Fresh!

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Ventriloquist and Chameleon

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“Terrible Baudelaire”

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Singers and Songs

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The Earth Moves If You Get It Right

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Have Faith and Have No Fear

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Dig Deep, Dig Hard

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A “Genius” and a “God”

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A Savage Scrutiny

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Mutatis Mutandis

The Poet of the Counting House

“The Last Survivor of the Old Culture”

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How Little Writing Rescues

“The Muses Taught Me Song Beyond Divine”

The Place of Rest from All You Have Undergone

“I who was once the favorite of the gods”

“Carpe You Imbecile!”

A Viking on the Loose from His Longboat

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This Labyrinth of Numb Disorder

A Northern Harp

Recepti Scriptores and Some Others

The Universe Is So Very Marvellous; or, “What you have done, Odysseus”

I Bite Rooks

Dream of Fair to Middling Poetry

You Must Be Suffering from Poetry

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I Suppose You to Be No Mean Reader, Since You Intend to Read Homer

Sappho; or, on Loss

Immiti Consumptus Morte Tibullus

Epics Manqués

Unsettled Weather

The Compassion, the Desire

The Skill of Honorable Deception

Fulfilment’s Desolate Attic: Philip Larkin’s Complete Poems

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