William Stafford

Articles by William Stafford

For People with Problems About How To Believe; Little Rooms; School Play; Deciding; Getting Scared; A Writer’s Fountain Pen Talking

Stillness Is the Right Wave; A Bird Inside a Box; Some Say

Always; Those of Us Left; Night Cries; A Legend; One Thing at a Time; Said in the Evening

In the White Sky; Sleeping on the Sisters Land; Friend; Weeds; The Escape

At Home on Earth

Wherever Anything Can Turn, Thought Can Turn; For a While; Wind World; For the Shtick People; Cloves

At the Desk in the Morning; Report from the Wind Patrol; Sounds; At the Old Farm; On a Church Lawn; Readers

Poems of the Earth and Air

Some Autumn Characters; Carols Back Then: 1935; On her Slate at School; Strangers; Time; On a Misty Morning

December; Explanation

Lake Chelan; In the Night Desert

In Fear and Valor; The Job; Looking for Someone

A Look Returned; Traveling Through the Dark; Remember

The Last Time; Sunset: Southwest; The Tillamook Burn; West of Your City; Ice-Fishing; Hail Mary; Willa Cather

One Home; Acquaintance; Walking West; The Oregon Country; The Gun of Billy the Kid; Spaced Around; A Ritual to Read to Each Other; In the Deep Channel; The Fish Counter at Bonneville; Vacation