Spring 1968 (Volume XXI, No. 1)

20th Anniversary Issue


Bonnie and Clyde

Vastations of Will

The New Gods

The Cult of Sincerity

Poetry and Science

Botany; Paths

At the Desk in the Morning; Report from the Wind Patrol; Sounds; At the Old Farm; On a Church Lawn; Readers

Tabula Rasa; For R. M., 26th December; The Wife of Song; For the Ladies, Some Statements Hammered Out; Fifteen Short-Shorts

Notes from the Odyssey

Three Poems

Three Poems, trans. by W. S. Merwin and Olga Carlisle

Translations from Sergei Esenin

Translations from Sergei Esenin

To My Greek

Full Text

The Interrogation of the Man of Many Hearts; The Break; The Ballad of the Lonely Masturbator

Guitar Recitativos

The Muse

Zeitl and Rickel

The Naiveté of Verdi

Music and Ballet Chronicle

London Film Chronicle: Variation on a Personal Theme

Theatre Chronicle

Constellation by Harsh Daylight—The Whitney Annual

Paris Letter

Face to Face with Their Own Limits

How Many Ways of Looking at a Poem?

Writers’ Rights and Readers’ Rights

Elegant Theorizing

Fiction Chronicle

Kennan’s Memoirs