Robert Martin Adams

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Montaigne and the Ladies

V.S. Naipaul

What Was Modernism?

A Collective Creation

Rags, Garbage, and Fantasy

Ideas of Ugly

Extension and Intention

Letter from Tokyo

The State of the Dean

Bounding “Lycidas”

Passion Among the Polyglots

Weimar Elegies

Fiction Chronicle

Letter to the Editor

Down Among the Phenomena

Choice Litters

Routes to Proust

The Intricate Argentine

Everyone’s Miscellany

Scotch Sours by the Isis

A Little Tour of Henry James

Fiction Chronicle

Very Like a Whale

The Short Stories of Herbert Gold

In Joyce’s Wake

Translation and Communication

Man and Nothing: Earthbound Comments

Fiction Chronicle

Métilde: or a Lesson in Logic

Fearful Symmetry

Henrik Ibsen: The Fifty-First Anniversary

Queen or Handmaid of the Arts?

Joyce and His Critics

High Critics and Low

Fiction Chronicle

Two 19th-Century Immoralists

Taste and Bad Taste in Metaphysical Poetry

Formulas and Fictions

Art as Insurrection

The Opera House of His Ego