W. S. Merwin

Articles by W. S. Merwin

Sonnet; The Open Land


The Heart; The Wine

Summits; Dogs

Eight Quechua Poems

Under the Migrants; End of Summer; The Clear Skies; The Distances

A Calm in April; Translations from Jean Follain


Three Poems

Translations from Sergei Esenin

Continuo; Daybreak; Vocations

The Native

Luzerne Street Looking West; Luther; Fable

Translations from Lope de Vega

Two Provencal Poems, translations

White Goat, White Ram; A Sparrow Sheltering Under a Column of the British Museum; The Wilderness; Her Wisdom; Senility City; Several Distiches about an Occasion; Two Paintings by Alfred Wallis

Paso a la Aurora, Passage to Dawn; Las Ninfas (The Nymphs); Tiempo al Tiempo, o El Jardín (Time Unto Time, or The Garden), by Jorge Guillén

Tower; Runes for a Round Talbe; Fable

East of the Sun and West of the Moon

Four Portuguese Poets, translations

Two Irish Poems

Festival; Dictum: for a Masque of Deluge; Margery’s Song; The Bones of Palinurus Pray to the North Star

To Aphrodite, by Sappho

Three Provençal Poems

Carol; Suspicor Speculum; Ode; Song

The Neo-Classic Drama

Poems and Translations

Meng Tzu’s Song

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