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The Tomb of the Diver

A Cambodian Diary

From an Indian Diary

A Greek Island

From an Egyptian Diary

Reflections on Athos

Easter Carnival

John Thomas, Lady Jane and Saint-Simone

The Moving Finger Writes

The Destruction of the Lucanians

The Essences of Being

Florida: A Seasonal View

I’ve Got a Little List

The Son of Christ

Two Americans, A Brahmin, and the Bourgeoisie

The Gladiators

Five Poets

The Mirror the Face in the Mirror; Artemis; Sicily; Calabria

Saxa Rubra; The Power of Caesar is in a New Relationship; Of Poetry; Landscape; Patristic

Sawdust and Wine

A Bourgeois Eros

On the Parkway

Recent Verse

Uptown Express

The Lyre and the Sledgehammer


Five Books, Four Poets

Pharos; Ishtar; Osiris

Comment from the Editors

Comment from the Editors

Headsong; Pointillism

Poetic Grammar

Tombstone Man; Poems to the Three Noble Ladies; The Narrows

Cats and Dogs