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The Single Artificer

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Personae Gratae

We Come from the Stars

The Shadow of What We Were

Found in Translation

The Elements of Style

Five Writers Reckoning

Infringement on the Common Heritage

What Plagues Us Now

Listening to Flannery O’Connor

The Isolated Protagonist

Five New Voices

Shakespeare Prefaced

Anthologizing Magnitude

A Life Lived in Interesting Times

Death and Immortality


Story-Catcher and the Poet of Our Mortal Illness

Angelic Disorder

The Ineffable Persistence of Sukiyaki

Odtaa Furioso

Youth in Age, Age in Youth

More Epistolary Eliot

Against Identity

Raw and Cooked

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Recent Critics of Milton

The Poet As Prophet: The Life and Letters of Robinson Jeffers

Dueling Authors

Words, No Music

Hawks, Fens, and Watching Birds

The Genius of Clive James

Awe for Auden

Elegy in the Neo-Shadow: Forms and Variations

The Judgment of Poetry

Baggy Monsters and Tangled Tales

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Merrill’s Intimations

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What Happened to the New Formalism

I Bite Rooks

Not Today’s Conservative

Philip Glass, Maximalist?

Fiction Chronicle

Dream of Fair to Middling Poetry

Visions, Vessels, Voices

Back to the Future

Saul Bellow, Human Being

Gladys Schmitt: Hardly “Middlebrow”

The Prose Eliot

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The Publicity Hound

These Days in the Holocene

Ghosts on a Gold Mountain