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The Fractured Genius of John Berryman

Wide-Angle Poetry

Dig Deep, Dig Hard

A. N. Wilson on Dickens

Ponderable Presentations

The Perils of Fame: Sylvia Plath and Seamus Heaney

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Don’t Forget the Butterfly Effect

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This Incessant Movement of Ghosts

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The Sacred Fount and Later James

Robert Stone and American Wreckage

In a Dark Time

A “Genius” and a “God”

On a Tight Rope

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John Carey: A Little History

A Savage Scrutiny

Life Studies from the Dismal Trade

What Happened to the Girl?

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(Pandemic) Prison Reading: Eight Novels to Pass the Time

Two Poet-Critics

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Wonder, Wisdom, Wit and Whim

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What Does One Call It?

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Eliot’s Last Prose

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Iris Origo

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The Durable Art of Elizabeth Bishop

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The Going: Elizabeth Hardwick, Robert Lowell, and The Dolphin Letters

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In the Season of Grief and Consolation


Lately Belated

Bevis’ Fun

Wendell Berry and Yoknapatawpha

From Vienna to Leningrad

Kierkegaard’s Leap

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Memorable Correspondents: The Kenner/Davenport Letters

Mutatis Mutandis

Coleridge the Trailblazer

An Epic Amusement

When the World Gets Weird, We Cry for Sci-Fi (and Fantasy)

Updike Novels

The Lyric in Verse and Prose

The Poet of the Counting House

A Cast of Individuals


The Old Historicism and the Practical Critic: Reading Logan Reading

Only Connect

Stories for Our Sorrows

Everything Is Aftermath

Epistolary Larkin

The One Story of Robert Graves

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Robert Bly: A Lifetime in Poetry

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“The Last Survivor of the Old Culture”

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